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My name is Sandra Brierman. I'm an accountant and the author of

Why on earth should a Hackney accountant write about impounded car insurance? You may well ask. It's all down to my son - I promised not to give his name to spare his blushes!

Two years ago, at the age of 21, he bought his first car, a Ford Fiesta, partly using his savings and partly from a contribution from the Bank of Mum and Dad. Buying the car was the easy bit. Being a young, new driver, and living in London, the quotes he got for his insurance were stratospheric. I really wondered if the insurance companies really wanted the business at all and were just quoting high prices to put him off. Anyway he opted for a 'black box' policy which we parents approved of since his driving was going to be monitored which should make him more careful. I won't name the insurance company either - I don't want to be sued thank you.

Unfortunately his lack of experience made him perhaps over cautious. He never broke any speed limits (a difficult thing to do in London traffic) but he developed a habit of hitting the brakes a little late and he kept getting warning text messages from the insurance company. He shrugged these off but disaster hit when he was driving on the A236 in Mitcham and he was flagged down by a police officer and accused of driving without insurance. his car was collected by a tow truck not long afterwards and taken to the impound at Hallowfield Way.

How had it happened? It seemed he'd nearly run into another car on that same road a week earlier and he had to jam his brakes on yet again. The insurers texted him to say his policy was being cancelled but he didn't read it properly and assumed it was just another warning.

When he told us about it we were not happy and it took us a while to understand just what we had to do but he paid his fine and we organised some temporary insurance the next day. The staff at the NCP pound were sympathetic but I suppose they'd heard dozens of hard luck stories that same day.

He was reunited with his car but sold it a week later. He hasn't driven since.

It was quite a traumatic experience for us all. Not least of all was the fact that we had so little time to get the car back before he lost it forever. For a full day we searched for information about how to get his car back and frankly I found much of it to be incorrect and just designed to extract as much money from him as possible.

So, that's why I put this website together. I hope that it might help other people who find themselves in a similar position to find out just what is happening and what they need to do to avoid losing too much money over what may have been an innocent mistake.

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Please note that this is general information only. The exact process may vary from one police authority to another.

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