Car impounded? No insurance?

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Impounded car insurance, short term

Has your car been seized by the police? It will have to be insured before you can drive it out of the pound. Short term impounded car insurance may be the most economical way of getting insurance that the police will accept.

Why would I want to insure my impounded car for just a short time?

The reason why so many cars are uninsured is because the owners cannot afford the very high cost of insurance, particularly young drivers who can face a premium of several thousand pounds a year. If the car is impounded it has to be reclaimed within seven days of the date it was seized, and taken away by the 14th day after seizure, otherwise it is confiscated.

A temporary policy could help you get your car back so that you could SORN it, sell it or save up for a yearly policy. The mimimum length of such a policy that will be acceptable by the police is 30 days.

Is a 30 day policy the cheapest way of insuring a seized car?

Many people find it the most economical way. However there are other options: see our page about the other ways of finding the cheapest policy.

Can't I use 1 day car insurance to get my car released?

No. 1-28 days short term car insurance policies are not acceptable. The police will only accept a standard policy which has been issued for a minimum of 30 days.

Can my mate get it out for me?

Just about every policy in the UK, which allows the insured motorist to drive any vehicle that doesn't belong to that person, specifically excludes it being used to recover someone else's impounded car. It is possible to insure a car with a normal yearly policy for motorists who are not the registered keeper, but the premiums are very expensive indeed.

Can I buy a policy for more than one person?

No. 30 day impounded car insurance policies can only be bought by the registered keepers.

What level of cover do these policies offer?

They are designed for one specific purpose: getting cars released from pounds. To keep costs down cover is third party only, which is the minimum level of cover which is acceptable to the police.

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Please note that this is general information only. The exact process may vary from one police authority to another.

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